Hadleigh's Leather Wash bag

Hadleigh's Leather Wash bag

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Model/Varenr.: BC025
Hadleigh's Leather Wash Bag er en håndlavet designer toilettaske i ægte amerikansk læder. Heather toilettaske er det perfekte sted at opbevare dine skægprodukter fra The Brighton Beard Company.Toilettasken er lavet i kvalitetslæder udevændigt og 100% bomuldsfor indvændigt. Hadleigh's Leather Wash bag har et stort rum og en kvalitets lynlås. Ideel til rejser og på din badeværelseshylde.

Historien om Hadleigh er følgende:This here is the tale of the Hadleigh gang and the shifty gin… It was one fine Summers afternoon when the Hadleigh gang reeled in their cargo of gin from the shore. All was well until local snoop Clumpy Bowles stuck his nose in and reported the loot to the revenue man, Read. So Read, (along with two pissed dragoons) came to assess the situation. Whilst three of the gang distracted the men with talk of roast potatoes, the rest packed the gin onto some hay-carts and headed south. There they had another hidey-hole in the form of a dung-heap covered trap door to an underground vault. The gin was piled in and the dung put back just so and they were on their merry way. Sometime later the gang went back to uncover the gin… Despite warnings from Crocky Fellowes - he always was a cautious fellow - they didn't wait for the foul air from the dung to disperse, and whilst gathering the gin two men died as a result, who’d have thought? News travelled fast of the death-by-dung, and Read (along with two sober dragoons) caught the gang, and the shifty gin, redhanded. Moral of the story? Keep your loot safe, somewhere like this marvellous leather wash bag.


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